Family Service Plan Guidelines for children aged 0-6.

What is a Family Service Plan (FSP)? 

A child’s greatest resource is their family and they are best supported within that family.  Likewise a family is best supported within the context of their own community.

The Family Service Plan is an opportunity for parents and the team to share information and to discuss and prioritise future goals for your child and family.  The goals can either be short-term (i.e. what we would like to achieve in the next 3 - 6months) or longer term.  The Family Service Plan meeting provides an opportunity for parents to decide what they need and to ask for help to achieve this. 

By setting joint goals between the parents and the team, it will ensure that we are all working together for the child’s benefit.

How Does It Happen?

Your keyworker will discuss the FSP process with you. The first step is to plan the Family Service Plan meeting.

  • The keyworker will post the FSP form to you to complete pages 2, 3 and the top of page 4. These sections help you decide what’s important for your child and family at this time. You decide what team members you would like to attend your Family Service Plan meeting. – e.g.  All the team who support your child, or two to three team members.  You may decide that you want the meeting between yourselves and your keyworker only.  The FSP meeting will need to be held on an assigned date to ensure that, if invited, all team members can attend.
  • At this meeting we will work together to set goals to help your child to make progress. Once the action plan is completed, you and the keyworker sign the form. You will be given a copy of the written FSP form.
  • FSP meetings take place once per year and usually last one to one and half hours.

If you have any queries please contact your keyworker.