Adult Training

Rehabilitative Training (R.T.) 

R.T. is training that is funded by the H.S.E. It is a lifeskills programme which develops and encourages skills in active citizenship in the community. 

The RT programme includes modules in:
  • Personal Development
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Work and Employment Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Health
  • Travel Training
  • Social Skills
  • Community Integration
  • Work Experience
  • Assertiveness 
  • Advocacy 
This programme is community based  and encourages people to access community based activities. It enables participants to have greater independence, assists with money and budgeting skills. The training includes going to the local shops, restaurants and banks to help with social, community integration and  money and budgeting skills. Taking part in mainstream community activities helps a person to overcome anxieties, develop confidence, build self–esteem and to live inclusively as a valued member of their community.

The course draws on the abilities of each individual and develops further confidence, decision making skills, empowerment and encourages people to make choices and decision about  their own lives. The R.T programme has modules that are accredited by the further training and education body FETAC. This course can give a trainee further options and opportunities when completed as appropriate, helping them to achieve goals and  identify further training and work skills.

The approach is person-centred with a training plan and regular progress reviews involving the participant in their own training. The course offers support, encouragement, mindfulness of people’s needs and choices within an empowering and supportive training environment . 

Other Training 

CoAction offers a wide range of other training programmes to suit the needs of individuals who do not join the RT programme.  Our training programmes are FETAC accredited and include literacy and numeracy,training for employment, advocacy, social, personal and health education.